Our Vision

Our Company Vision

We envision a society where each individual can easily access to healthcare information and each stakeholder in the healthcare industry can benefit from the massive information flow. In order to achieve that, SMS never stops creating new businesses required by the society. In the next 20 years. SMS will continue to commit to “Healthcare × IT” and spare no efforts to connect the dots in the industry and finally build an ecosystem which can meet the demands of the aging society.

For the shorter-term, we aim to become the No.1 player in infrastructure for nursing care and medical care in Asia. In order to achieve this goal before 2020, we will actively invest in new companies and expand our existing businesses in Asia.

In order to enter the booming Asian markets, we understand that local partnership is indispensable. We are proud of what we achieved in Japan, but we understand the importance of knowing local market condition and business culture. Thus we look forward to working with local venture capitals, start-ups and established companies who can understand and share our vision.

The Healthcare IT Ecosystem

The healthcare IT ecosystem we aspire to build is one that connects and interacts with all stakeholders in the industry. By investing in companies and developing our own operation, we gradually connect the dots and start to maximize the synergy between different business unites.