Our Background

Senior Marketing System had its humble beginnings in 2003 in Japan. The founders, envisioning a society where patients and the elderly have full access to healthcare resources, established SMS group as an information aggregator and transmitter.

In the following 8 years, SMS achieved tremendous growth by building information infrastructures for numerous areas in the healthcare sector. In 2011, SMS was listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange Section One, only 8 years after its foundation.

Nowadays, SMS is one of the largest providers of healthcare information infrastructure in Japan, providing its services to more than 50% of the hospitals facilities and 20% of the nursing care facilities . SMS also has have dominant access to medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, nursing care givers, pharmacists, etc. After the acquisition of MIMS, SMS has become the largest information provider for healthcare professionals in Asia excluding Japan. While continuing to expand its own business, SMS is also actively investing in promising start-ups in healthcare IT, striving to build a eco-system where everyone can have access to quality healthcare.

SMS’s Main Business

+Nursing Care Solutions

SMS is currently the largest provider of nursing care solutions in Japan with a client base of more than 20,000 companies. The solution includes insurance claiming, tablet operation management, HR management, sales support, etc. It successfully helps small and medium nursing care providers save millions of cost every year and improve nursing care quality through digitalization.

+HR Solutions for Hospitals

HR is one of the most important parts of high-quality medical care. SMS provides a large base of medical professionals to help hospitals always secure an adequate work force. SMS hosts various portal sites and community sites, and enjoys the No.1 member base in with medical professionals. Today SMS is the largest player in recruiting service on nurses, M3 career the Joint venture between SMS and M3 is the largest in recruiting service on doctors.

+Doctor Booking Services

Seeing a doctor can be a difficult task in many countries. In some countries, the waiting time can be extremely long due to the lack of medical resource. While in others, the asymmetry of information can be a problem for the patients trying to find the right doctor. By taking the local healthcare landscape into consideration, SMS provides different kinds of doctor booking services in multiple countries, helping improve the total experience of patients and efficiency of hospitals.

+Hospital & clinic information systems

Digitalization of healthcare has been in fast growth in the past 30 years. However, the progress is relatively slow in many Asian economies due the high cost involved. In order to help improve medical practice in Asia, SMS commits to provide effective and affordable systems. SMS now provides systems in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India, and SMS continuously upgrades its systems to meet the demands of medical care providers in Asia.

+Professional Network and Pharma marketing

MIMS, acquired by SMS in Oct 2015, is the largest professional network and information provider in Asia excluding Japan. It provides medication information, CME materials and industry updates to more than 2 million healthcare professionals across Asia. By utilizing this network, MIMS offer marketing platform to pharmaceutical companies. Its client portfolio covers most multinational and large local players in Asia.

Commitment to ASEAN

SMS sees Asia as the most important market for its future expansion. SMS Asia was established in 2013 in Singapore and the investment arm and the regional headquarters of SMS Group. So far, SMS Asia has made more than 12 investments across Asia. The focus of SMS Asia’s investments and operation will still be in Asia in the next 5 years.

SMS Asia is keen on working with local incubators and venture capitals. Meanwhile, we welcome healthcare IT related start-ups to contact us. As a specialized investor and business operator, we are willing to share with our partners our industry know-how to build win-win relationship.

Our Services In Japan