Message to VC & Incubator

Our value-add to your activity

SMS is actively exploring opportunities to work with local venture capitals and incubators. We understand the importance of local knowledge and value highly partnerships with local players. In exchange for the local expertise, SMS can provide the following values to contribute to your current investment and incubation activities.

  • SMS can be your co-investor in healthcare IT related firm
    We can share your risk and help accelerate the value-up of your investment target.
  • SMS can be your exit option
    If your portfolio companies are in healthcare IT sector and have potential synergy with us, we can consider to buy-out the company.
  • SMS can provide insight for your valuation and decision making
    We are happy to provide our know-how and past experience for your reference.
  • SMS can be the business partner for your portfolio company
    We have multiple existing businesses that can realize synergy with all types of healthcare-IT related companies in most Asian markets.
  • SMS can co-organize events with you or participate in your program
    We are willing to co-organize events with you or participate in your incubation or acceleration programs as either mentor or judge. We are ready to share our experience with you and your start-ups as well.