Message to Start-up

Our Asian healthcare IT start-up investment budget

As a gesture to show our commitment to the Asian market, we have allocated 20 million US dollars (apart from investment in companies at later stages) to invest in Asian start-ups in the next 3 years. Besides monetary support, we are also willing to help and grow together with the start-ups. We are actively looking for investment candidates across the region and we welcome funding applications as long as the start-up meets the following requirements:

   In healthcare information sector

   Has a good business idea

   Has a passionate team

Our value to start-ups

1SMS has all the networks and resources for your business expansion
Start-ups in the SMS family can have access to all SMS Group’s resources. SMS has the largest professional network in Asia and it has 100% access to pharmaceutical companies. Besides, SMS also has connection to other stakeholders such as hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers, etc. The network and resources that SMS provides can greatly speed up the growth and expansion of start-ups.

2SMS can help you furnish your business model
SMS has more than 12 subsidiaries with different business models at the moment. SMS also works with multiple VC and incubators across Asia. SMS can share with you successful business models from which you can get some hint on your own business.

3SMS can give you insights on your strategy
Strategy is important for differentiation and building up core competence. SMS has many good case studies to share and can discuss with you to develop a winning strategy in your market.

4SMS can help you improve your operation
Operation is where SMS excels. Unfortunately, it is also where many start-ups fail. SMS can provide its operation know-how and even send specialist to assist you to build your operation standard.

5SMS can be a source of funding in different stages
After initial seed funding, SMS can also lead VC round or even later rounds. We are committed to the long term growth of the company and we will walk along with the company until the company becomes No.1 in the market.